Monologue Of Sinner


I’m the one of them that people call as the sinner. Sinner!
Ya. That is me.

Sometimes after make a mistakes, I’m wondering and keep blaming myself for all what I do that against Allah’s will. Aku teruk, kan? Teruk yang sangat. Then, there comes monologue that comes from deep inside of my heart.

And yes, sometimes I speak alone with myself. Am I weirdo?

I know, I shouldn’t done that. I cannot deny that it was a sin. The same sin for which I have repented a number of times yet, I did it again! I need to repent truly this time. I need to be determined not to do this again; otherwise, I might not have a chance in the hereafter.

I know I need to change.
I need to become better.

I know about the importance of praying on time. I know how magical it is to pray at night and to continue to read the Quran. I should also be a better daughter, sister and a better friend.

Oh My God! I know that all brings a special lighting in my life.
But I didn’t do that eventhough I can.

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