What You See and What Other Think


Mood : Can’t describe.

Just wondering about something after I remembered a conversation between me and my friend about a months ago. We give our own thoughts about something. Yes, we talk about same issue, but in different way and different opinion. Yet, we still can accepted that.

There I realized something; we see things from different angle. Mostly!

We’ve been brought up in a certain way and that had shaped our views on everything. We see things from an angle that others might fail to see but that could also mean that we are not be able to see at our first glance what others have been seeing.

It would definitely be good for us to stop, take our time, ponder and assess the situation from all different angles, from all different perspectives.

It could be that ours is wrong and others might have been right but we just failed to see it from their perspectives. And vice versa, aite? We might have a different perspectives on something, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t get along with others.

Stop for a minutes, take time and ponder about everything.
Having a cup of hot chocolate could help you. Okkie now I really want it! 😀

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