Not Good Enough To Talk About Religion


I’m not good enough to talk about Islam.

I keep wondering about statement above. Actually what is condition and term so that we can talk something about Islam? Is it necessary to us to be Ustaz and Ustazah first? Or are we suppose come from Islamic University and study in the field of religion?

There are many of us keep talking about they are not good enough to talk about Islam. They said, they not so good person to write something related to religion.

I think I disagree with that.

Are They Good Enough?

While hanging out with one friend, share some stories and opinions, talking about various issues, she said like this,

“Hehe. Aku tak layaklah nak cerita bab-bab agama ni. Bukannya asal dari sekolah agama pun. Dah tu bukan belajar dalam bidang agama pun. Kat celah mana layaknya bicara tentang agama? Tak diiktiraf. Hehe.”

It’s not about you’re studying in field of religion or not, or come from Islamic family, nor from Islamic school. It’s about our knowledge, our responsible and our duty as Muslim to share some knowlegde that we know with others. But I do believe if we want to share or to give speech about something, we must need a knowledge about it.

Yet, those who speak and write about Islam, it doesn’t mean they’re good enough to do so. Do you believe? For me, they’re whose talk and write about Islam are those who strive for trying remind themselves.

Writing or speaking about Islam does not make you a good Muslim.
Practicing and striving by it’s ideals makes you one.

May ALLAh bless!

2 thoughts on “Not Good Enough To Talk About Religion

  1. within the worst u did, the good came from ur repent, then ur actions…and to tell the world what is right is how you fortify the truth ya ukhtii…therefore..i totally agree to say good things even though you are bad…for what you had said might help others and even yourself…


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