Random Thoughts #2 – Sympathy


A sympathy from human is just sympathy.

Just another a short dropped-by.
Do you have a little bit sympathy in yourself?

Well, I’ve been thinking about sympathy after watched a movie. It’s make made myself cried. Why am I crying? It is because sympathy, indeed.

Most people will feel sympathy towards someone who is going through tough circumstances in their life. But feeling sympathy is the most they can do because no one can take the pain away other than Allah.

The one who feel the pain is the who going through the all tests from ALLAh Ta’ala. Other people can’t really feel the same pain, although they’ve that sympathy.

Please thinking well of ALLAh Ta’ala; He is able to do all things.
He is Most Merciful.

May ALLAh bless.

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