Refleksi Ramadhan #8 : Pursuit Of Happiness



This post will be a little different tonight.

This movie is fulled of struggle, determination, hope, sacrifice, love and bond.

The story begins with a man that struggling as a businessman try to sell machine called bone scanner. That is Gardner’s job; which help him pay bill, rent and tax. A good man that has wife and son. But he does not doing well in his selling business.

Day by day, his wife asked more than simple life. A life that better than they have now. Gardner thought for a change; he must to improve their life. So he tried his luck to become an intern as a broker in big company.

Full of struggle.

What make my tears drop is when he’s been left by his wife, kicked out from the house, not be able to sell any machine, and.. he have to take care of his only son.

And the story after that, will invite tears to your eyes.

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