Mama’s Hope

In the corner of my eyes I see you,
I still remember when your tears dropped,
I just can’t stand to watch your sadness face,
Then I turned my eyes out of you.

A big hugged from you to me,
I can still feel the warm of your body,
comfort me and make me strong,
know that you will never leave me alone.

‘Go, make me proud!’ you said,
You looked deep into my eyes, so deeply,
And you hugged me again as you didn’t want to let me go,
Until Abah’s touched your shoulder to calm you down.

“Mama, even with my own choice?”
You nodded, showed your will to me,
Surely I will never forget,
And for sure I will never make you regret.


The scenes is at the airport, before I’m check in. I saw her face bloated.
Cried for her naughty and stubborn daughter.

“Make me proud and do your best!” She said.
Will do, Mama. Will do!

Jom, Sampai Syurga?


Terjaga. Oh, mimpi rupanya.

‘Ke mana?’

“Ke syurga. Saya dan kamu. Bersama-sama!”


Saya akui, sukar memelihara ukhuwah yang terbina.
Setiap inci darinya, ada cubaan tersedia.
Allah jua Yang Maha Tahu segalanya.
Moga semuanya baik-baik saja.

Semoga Allah merahmati.