Don’t Give Up. Keep Going!


There are time we feel so down. It’s okey, just keep going!

Listening to surah Ar-Rahman almost make my tears drop.

Peeps, there are times that we feel so down. We feel so doom. And, we feel so empty inside this tiny heart. Trust me, I’ve been there too. During those time, there’s some among of us that just wanna giving easily. Well, let me tell you;

Giving up is not a choice!

Just keep going. Stand up and say to yourself,
“Why must I stop while I have a choice and I have many reason to stay strong?”

If we choose to stay and keep going, then we will realize that all the hardwork pays.

Inspire yourself! Hold this in your hand, in your heart and in your life;
Surah al-Baqarah verses 286.

May ALLAh bless.