11 Ramadhan : Self Reflection


Ramadhan is the best month for treatment.
Treatment for anything.

While having some topic to gossiping about, one of my friend asked me,

“Su, did you ever miss Allah so so so much? And that time, you feel like wanna talking with Him? You miss Him like crazy, and you’re realize your tears also miss Him?”

I just smiled.

Then she continued, “You know what, this Ramadhan is the best time for us to change from bad to a good person. To reflect ourself. To change our bad behaviour, our bad attitude. Hmm. Everything. Everything..”

Couldn’t agree more.
Kawan, terima kasih atas ‘sharing’ yang simple tapi sangat mengetuk.

Dan soalan yang masih terngiang-ngiang di kepala saya ialah,
“Pernah tak awak rindu Allah sangat sangat sangat?”

Saya rindu waktu itu. Sentiasa.
Malam. Waktu yang dinanti. ‘Berdua’ tanpa gangguan.

Semoga ALLAh merahmati.