Monologue Of Sinner


I’m the one of them that people call as the sinner. Sinner!
Ya. That is me.

Sometimes after make a mistakes, I’m wondering and keep blaming myself for all what I do that against Allah’s will. Aku teruk, kan? Teruk yang sangat. Then, there comes monologue that comes from deep inside of my heart.

And yes, sometimes I speak alone with myself. Am I weirdo?

I know, I shouldn’t done that. I cannot deny that it was a sin. The same sin for which I have repented a number of times yet, I did it again! I need to repent truly this time. I need to be determined not to do this again; otherwise, I might not have a chance in the hereafter.

I know I need to change.
I need to become better.

I know about the importance of praying on time. I know how magical it is to pray at night and to continue to read the Quran. I should also be a better daughter, sister and a better friend.

Oh My God! I know that all brings a special lighting in my life.
But I didn’t do that eventhough I can.

Salam Buatmu, Ya Rasulullah


Jangan menghina jika tak mampu memuji, jangan menyakiti jika tak mampu membahagiakan, jangan merampas jika tak mampu memberi, sesungguhnya sebaik-baik manusia adalah yang bermanfaat bagi manusia lain.

~Salam Maulidur Rasul~

Terbaca status seorang kakak dalam FB.
Timbul idea.

Lau kana bainanal Habib.

Hari ini, aku berjalan dan berjalan
kudengari selawat demi selawat ke atasmu
dengan tersenyum gembira
aku juga berselawat padamu
mengharap kecintaanmu

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